How do you make a hybrid/remote environment productive and inclusive?

Nik Hazell
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Remote work is (relatively) easy. Everyone on Zoom! Can anyone share tips and tricks for a hybrid approach, with some people in the room together and others dialling in from around the world? This is tricky!


Gleb Braverman
Good question! I strongly believe nothing outperforms getting people together in a room with a whiteboard. Our team at Gossip is fully remote (US, EU and other regions) and we are planning to do corporate retreats of sort (team gets together in a big AirBnB for a week). Would love to know other perspectives!
Nik Hazell
@gleb_braverman Interesting! Would you ideally be in a room together every day? Once a month? Once a year? I sort of instinctively agree with you, but think that the occasional face-to-face has a much bigger impact, @gleb_braverman!
Keep employees and visitors safe when they need to be together – fewer people on hand makes distancing and cleaning easier, and stringent protocols emphasize the company's concern for employee health and well-being. Accommodate individual employee preferences for work location. Hire a truly global workforce.
Nik Hazell
@serovital 100%. We keep our office at very low capacity at the moment - but then everyone ends up crowding around a few small desks in the corner. 🤦🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️😂
Here's a great list of the apps to smoothly make the shift to a hybrid model and to arrange further work
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