Tools for Product Management productivity/process

Nik Hazell
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Hey PH! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm hoping to turbo-charge the much more tactical part of my Product Management role. Things like chasing up on actions from meetings (for myself and others), to-do lists, that kind of thing. Anyone got any productivity hacks, or tool recommendations for me? I use Jira for managing stories and the team's work - but I tend to freestyle it for myself! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿš€


Valeria Migova
personally love to use online whiteboard Weje. It helps me collect, organise, plan, and share the most valuable data. Really convenient and helpful tool.
Nik Hazell
@vmigova Nice! Have you used Miro? Is it similar?
Dan Cleary
Hey Nik! Shameless plug, but our product, Tether (, streamlines bug reporting and QA for PM and product teams. We've got a few product team and a bunch of agencies on board. Feel free to start a trial from our site or reach out!
Du weiรŸt
If you're looking to boost productivity, I'd highly suggest the Zenkit Suite ( The product management app can be combined with a team messaging and to do list app. This way all processes can be handled with a single software. No more switching between different apps ๐Ÿ™‚
Nik Hazell
@du_weisst Interesting - 7 seconds on your website, and it's already clear that you're doing (/targeting) most of what I need. Will dig deeper..
Sandra Djajic
Hey Nik! For boosting productivity, I recommend checking out It's a workspace that combines chat, task & project management, and a calendar all in one place. Tira is pretty much like if Slack, Trello, Notion, and Calendly came together to make a baby. All features work seamlessly together. :)
Jason Cavness
I do my best to spend some time each day looking at my calendar for the next day. Who do I need to follow up with, who do I need to talk to, what the one or two things I must do to move my startup forward. Then I do this on Sunday for the whole week. I also do my best to at least once a week for 1 hour be in a quiet place with nothing else and let me mind wonder. This does wonders for me.
Nik Hazell
@jasoncavness Thanks Jason, that sounds quite therapeutic! Do you convert that calendar information into a list/to-do list for the week? Or just keep it in your head?
Hi Nik, have you tried Workspaces? It's like a to-do list for multiple projects. It links to your documents, webs, apps, and files and lets you open a given project with one click.
I would advise productivity tools listed here -
Junaid Tariq
In my opinion, the tool that I have used since last year for project management and productivity is GigsTimer because it really helps us due to its features like push-to-talk messages, voice notes, virtual assistance, screen recording, and reporting.
Lucile Riviรจre
I'm an absolute fan of Product Board It allowed us to structure the whole product approach for our new MVP product and to centralize+priorize demands coming from users+colleagues.
Junior Owolabi
Shameless plug. I use my platform for Collecting Feedback, Feature Prioritization, Prototyping and User Research
Pavel Kukhnavets
@nik_hazell JIRA is surely one of the most popular project management tools worldwide. Millions choose it to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. However, JIRA has its drawbacks. Users name the high price, a steep learning curve, and not quite friendly interface among the main reasons why they are looking for a JIRA alternative. I'd recommended to consider GanttPRO ( as one of the best JIRA replacements. This online project management tool is based on a Gantt chart. It provides an intuitive interface, nice UX/UI design, powerful features, and affordable prices.