No-code for user onboarding / sign-up / configuration

Nik Hazell
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Hey PH! 👋 I'm trying to run a quick experiment. We currently do a very manual "sales discovery" process, on the phone, where we ask a ton of questions. I'd like to get this into a "Configure your experience" onboarding type thing, asking a few questions on the website with some big pleasing graphics, as you sign up and set yourself up. Things like... "How big is your team?" I love Figma's "tell us about yourself" modals as you sign up! What can you recommend as examples? Have you built something like this yourself? Can you recommend a no-code solution to throw a working prototype together? Shameless plugs are welcome - if you're working on something here, I'd love to see it 🙌🙌🙌


Elise Cannon
We use Typeform which includes capturing their email address and share our calendly link automatically following the form completion. I recently found who are trying to build more of a sales customer journey tool. Super interested to hear others tactics!
Anil Meena
You can use Typeform for this... it has conditional logic.
Anil Meena
@nik_hazell I am also making a form builder; an alternative to typeform. I find typeform very expensive. It might be too early but you can have a look.