Environmental Impact - and offsetting

Nik Hazell
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Hello there! Over the last few years, we've spent a lot of time trying to accurately calculate our CO2 emissions - and having taken some steps to reduce them, we're offsetting via tree-planting initiatives. It feels like I've done tons of research here, but it's quite an opaque space! Do any of you have providers you rate? We're being very picky on projects that support the UN sustainable development goals, and contribute positively towards biodiversity. We've ended up going with a French company called Reforest'action - who I would recommend - but I'd love to hear what other people are doing!


Nik Hazell
Also, how are people calculating emissions? We're largely doing it ourselves, as the calculators seem generally to be biased more towards industry/factories, rather than tech, servers, and WFH!
Nathan Challen
@nik_hazell I dived into this a little when building https://GreenHabit.app, Ideally I wanted http://greenhabit.me#rank to show the CO2 impact. Due to the short sprint of 2 weeks I opted for the symbolic 'tree'. I'd still like to bring this calculation into the app and leaderboard in a future update. Reforest'action looks great, do you know if they have a simple API? I'd like to give users the option of tuning their tree score to 'gold' symbols by paying for the trees to be planted.
Nik Hazell
Nice! I don't think Reforest'action do have an API, unfortunately. But, they're small enough that they might be willing to take feedback!