How do you leverage video on your website?

Baptiste N
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Hi there, For what use cases do you use video content on your website? We see video everywhere, but I feel like it is not suited to any type of usage.. Thanks,


Jan-Joachim Müller
Videos are well suited for short explainer videos and I feel like its more attractive looking a video instead of reading a whole bunch of text.
Baptiste N
@m_jan_joachim I feel the same. However, I don't understand why the average play rate of on-site videos is so low (around 5%). Any idea why?
Bikash Kampo
In my past company, video reviews added more credibility to the website.
Baptiste N
@bikashkampo I believe video reviews are very effective, but they might also be very hard to get from customers!
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Hi, we use videos on our homepage and landing pages to promote our main features. We created short animated videos. The way we display them on our pages is subtle, we do not push them with auto play. The videos are cool because they give further information about what we do, and it's great for our brand identity.
Baptiste N
@cica_laure_mbappe I just took a look at the video on your homepage. It is pretty cool and explains quite well your main features. Good job! However, I feel like the play rate is quite low (I assume 5%). Are you able to monitor this KPI?