Keys to set up a customer sucess strategy when launching a product

Baptiste N
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Hi everyone šŸ‘‹ I noted the following points when it comes to create a customer support strategy. āž”ļø Did I forget anything? Any ideas will be useful šŸ™ 1) Choose support channels (email, chat, tickets, phone, ...) 2) Define availability (ex: Mon to Fri, from 9am to 5pm EST) 3) Define max answer time to users/clients (ex: within 24 hours) 4) Write automated messages (ex: "We created a ticket for you. Our team will be back to you under 24 hours.") 5) Choose a way to display how to contact support in your app (ex: a new tab or a chat widget) 6) Set up a process to gather feedback and write documentation accordingly Thanks!


Fredo Tan
Templates for common questions are helpful. Instead of repeatedly spending time writing the same stuff, you could allocate a bit more time on personalizing the experience instead. A FAQ paired with a well-written documentation is key.
- Community forum (ex. Discord) - Knowledge base - FAQs - Tutorials - Pre-canned responses