How do you connect with your team mates during remote work?

Ankit Dhawan
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Hi All, Since the pandemic hit working with colleagues had become super transactional. What are you all doing to stay connected? Thanks, Ankit P.S. - building a product to solve for this so hoping I can get some feedback and painpoints


Yulia Vinokurova
Hi @ankit_dhawan1, In our company we are communicating between each other via Chanty - team chat app. It is our own product and it greatly covers all our communication and collaboration needs at the fullest. We've decided to use it, because it was necessary for us to show on our company's example that this tool is ready to cover all clients' demands at the highest possible level. Team can communicate via 1 on 1 & group chats, voice messages, 1 on 1 & group video calls. Also you can share files and use a lot of integrations that Chanty supports. Besides there is a Kanban board, where you can see and manage all tasks. And much more. If you are interested, you can find out more here:
Ankit Dhawan
@ankit_dhawan1 @yulia_vinokurova Awesome! How about social time? I was looking at it more from a lens of relationship building v/s productivity!
Yulia Vinokurova
@ankit_dhawan1 Chanty is mostly built to transfer all offline activities of companies to online.But we have a lot of cases with our clients, when it was a hub for connecting and building communication between representatives (CEO,Founders,Managers) that was aimed to create a huge network. So answering you question - yes, team chat app can be a place that helps people to build relationship.
Elen Udovichenko
In terms of work and collaboration we rely on Slack, have weekly company-wide reports provided by the heads of all departments, and bi-weekly sync-ups (video call) within our marketing team. If you're talking about informal personal communication, we use Donut to connect across departments and occasionally organize some fun activities within our marketing team (e.g. virtual wine tasting, playing, etc.)
Ankit Dhawan
@elen_u That's awesome to hear. If you don't mind me asking where are you searching for these virtual events.
Elen Udovichenko
@ankit_dhawan1 to be honest, we didn't search on purpose - our CMO just happened to attend one of such wine tastings with her friends and wanted to share this experience with us :)
Maya Ben Zid
Slack comes first. oVice comes second (I mean we used Slack to create oVice). We wanted to recreate our own office but make it virtual and more fun so that's what we've been using since the creation of oVice virtual remote space. We do our daily work routines there and mostly spend our working hours in our virtual office to reach each others in 1 click. We also take a lot of coffee breaks and spend some chill time sharing YouTube videos, memes, and silly jokes X'D
Max Kamyshev
Hi @ankit_dhawan1 , In my company we use Zoom for meetings and Flowlu for manage our tasks and finance health!
Simon Blok
Slack for one-to-one quick questions, small-talk. Google Meet for team-wide kickoffs.
Slack + trello + zoom + Zeplin + Github
Ankit Dhawan
What about social? Non-productivity related
Erin Davis
Hey Ankit, Our team uses various of productivity tools to help us stay connected and finish our projects on time. We use Slack, Quire, and Zoom. Quire is a free project management software with features such as the kanban board, offline syncing, Gantt chart....etc I'm pretty sure you know what Slack and Zoom are, one is a communication tool and the other is a video meeting tool. Hope this helps!
Shruthi Rajagopal
At our office, we use for our internal communication. It pretty much eliminates needing a bunch of similar tools to get the job done.
Matt Handler
sharing pictures of pets
Sam Liebeskind
@ankit_dhawan1 One thing that's been fun is a sort of 1-to-1 book club - sharing a list of books you're interested in reading with everyone on the team (could be tangentially work related or even better, nothing to do with work), and getting a reading buddy each month who's also interested in one of them, then at the end of each month coming together for a virtual coffee/drink to chat about it.
Alexa Vovchenko
Standard tools: Zoom, Skype, Slack, Trello
Promise Emeka
My team use Fexspace. With Fexspace, we collaborate on files, have a meaningful conversation with the team with chats, do project and task scheduling, schedule our meetings (Fexspace Meetings, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Team) on Fexspace shared calendar, and more. Instead of switching between tools to collaborate with our team, we use this tool because it has the important collaboration tools organized in one place.,
Jonathan Yan
Hey @ankit_dhawan1 ! I work for a company named oVice and we design and provide virtual spaces in the metaverse to our users to customize and make their own! Our goal is to make remote work more collaborative and to allow remote workers to feel more connected to their peers by allowing them to interact in real time through an avatar, giving them that "office feel" they may be missing out on. You can check us out at to have a look around and see how it works. :)