What are some SEO hacks that worked for you?

Ankit Dhawan
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Hi All, I am a complete novice at SEO (have multiple years of Product experience at Amazon). Trying to teach myself SEO so that we can drive organic traffic. Hoping to curate some SEO hacks that have worked for you, tools you have used that have helped in SEO, and lastly even something as basic as how do we learn more about SEO - there is so much content out there but not one single source of truth. For me personally, I have tried the below: 1. Using Fiverr to hire SEO experts to build backlinks. It's at least customer reviewed so hoping it drives some improvement and is relatively affordable. 2. I downloaded Scrapebox. I use the keywords to find the top blogs and then go in and manually comment and share more information about my start-up. I'm still exploring and learning how else to use it as it has many more features. 3. Hiring someone to do an on-site analysis of how to improve the site for SEO. I know my site has latency issues so will be working on sorting that out. Thanks, Ankit


My targeted keyword is "image SEO" - I named my service https://imageseo.io I wrote a lot of image SEO related articles and I'm sure that my domain has allowed me to get several backlinks. I think that in people's mind, if it's named ImageSEO.io and if it speaks about image SEO, then it's obviously some good stuff. It cuted it short, but that worked well for me!
Swathi Handral
Hi @aureliovolle ours is startup we provide services related to wedding - https://www.shaadibaraati.com/ looking for some suggestion to increase traffic. Thank you in Advance.
Catalin Ionescu
Hi Ankit. I feel like I am in your position (maybe just one baby-step ahead). I spent most of q4 last year brushing up my knowledge of SEO -- I read the backlinko, ahrefs and moz blogs, went through most of the Advanced SEO course on Coursera and listened to Neil Patel's podcast (the SEO bits). Since the beginning of this year, I am attempting to use everything I learned. The first (and easiest) thing I did for my product (https://www.organisely.app) was to improve the technical (on-page) SEO. I got all the meta tags there, registered for the google search console and I'm using ahref's webmaster tool to check for any technical errors on the page. I'm now in the process of creating landing page for 'longer' tail keywords related to this product (eg: homepage is targeting Appointment Reminder Software and I'm building landing pages for Appointment Reminder Software for Barber Shops). Some of these pages have been live for about a week and are currently ranking in the 50-70. No link building effort, just on-page SEO and content creation.
Ankit Dhawan
@cionescu1 Thanks Catalin! What are the top 3 content that you would recommend I read ?
Dan Fairaizl
Hi @ankit_dhawan1 The best trick I've found to drive organic search is to ensure you use Google Search Console and submit an XML sitemap. Without that Google won't show you in Search in any findable way. Lots of people overlook the importance of a sitemap!
Binyamin Green
Provide content worth sharing. Combine that with a professional look, and just start telling people. How did you find product hunt? Not a youtube ad, I assume...
Sam Bauch
This was 10 years ago, but a project I built was covered by the college I had graduated from a few years before - at that point Google was treating .edu domains as very authoritative. I also got the Freakonomics NYT blog to publish some content that I had written, linking to our site. That had our website badnycapartments.com (a really terrible website i cobbled together with drupal before I knew any programming) on the front page for "bad nyc" which i thought was pretty cool! So yeah, links from authoritative sources is the best "hack" I've used - but otherwise like others have said, good content targeting keywords, submit a sitemap, ensure you aren't getting punished by google for things like poor mobile experience, though I wouldn't consider these "hacks".
Jan Mazurek
One client I have worked with for a while asked to find blogs that may contain paid content linking to the client's landing pages. There were two requirements that blog had to meet: 1. no post related to client's industry 2. no post related to medicaments, alkohol, drugs, smokes Of course it took me a while to check every blog manuallny, but it gave efficient effect for SEO results.
Nikita Bhagat
Hi Ankit, I believe creating and planning a well-structured content marketing strategy can work well and helps to get organic traffic. I would like to share some of the techniques that have worked for my recent B2B project https://www.instancy.com/. 1. Link Round-Up: We pitched the users asking them to share their opinions based on a particular topic and curated content featuring them in our blog post. Creating such kind of content helps the user to get the knowledge straight from industry experts and thus the content piece will rank organically. 2. User Queries into your content: We should not serve google rather we should take care of user's search query. Write a piece of content keeping in mind the user's problematic terms and combine them with your focus keywords. While writing any blog post always make sure to create & add user queries in Title or Headings. This will not only rank your blog higher but will also solve the purpose of the user. You can also add FAQ Section adding all those queries. 3. Rank for Featured Snippet: To rank your content for the featured snippet, you must include - Simple Headings - Outbound Links - Statistics - Videos - Infographic Implementing any one of three would impact your organic ranking!
Pritam Chougale
Content and backlinks. When you are done with on-page SEO focus creating quality content based on your target keyword, interesting, in depth original articles. Split your time 20% content creation 80% getting backlinks and promotion. remember 1 backlink is stronger from high domain authority website than 100 from low DA and Spamy websites. Another advice- don't totally relay on SEO. SEO can help you get people on website but main part is to make the people take action on your site. Give value and push people to take action. Without people getting action on your website all the SEO efforts are worthless
Anna Avvakumova
Nowadays SEO is mostly about satisfying customers' needs and meeting search intent. The great tool to work with your content is SurferSeo. Check out their blog, you'll find tons of useful stuff there.
I don't want to be rude but all steps you wrote in the description: fiverr for backlinks and manually commenting on random blogs might not help, but rather hurt SEO.
Zuriñe Martin
Partners strategy always work for brand awareness and SEO!
Dani Luu
@zurine_martin_in Wow this post seems ancient but hopefully you're still on PH. What kind of partner strategy do you have?
Diana Poliuha
Hi, I work in ІТ Company Zefirity and when I started my work, I had not enough knowledge. You will gain it during work. And that this also applies to some SEO hacks, as you wrote. To be honest, you do not need SEO hacks to work good. To work as well as you can, you just need to know as much information and have as much knowledge as you can.
Akus Digital Solution
We are a SEO marketing agency in Kenya. One of our most effective SEO strategy that has been been creating content with backlinks in mind. For instance, we writer SEO articles that encourages sharing. We also make sure to use infographics in every content that we upload on our website. Here is an example of our SEO strategy>>>https://www.akus.co.ke/seo-servi...
Lofty Minds Marketing Agency
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Abdurakhmon Makhmudov
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