How did you pick the day of your Launch? ๐Ÿš€

Maxwell Davis
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We'll be launching CollabClub soon and one of the decisions we have to make is which day of the week to launch the product. Just wondering this: What day did you launch and why?


Jan Beisheim
Thursday, because there is supposed to be most traffic. We are currently on #6 so I donโ€™t feel it was 100% worth it. Goal was definitely twofold as well. But pulling it off in a little more than a week from idea too launch was too quick in the end.
Maxwell Davis
@jan_beisheim A week does sound a little short but well done on the #6 position!
Jan Beisheim
@maxwellcdavis it was too short. Wouldn't recommend.
Chris Messina
@jan_beisheim "Thursday, because there is supposed to be most traffic" โ€” citation?
Maxwell Davis
@jan_beisheim @chrismessina this seems to suggest Tue/Wed/Thu are almost equal in terms of votes for products (which I guess could be an indicator for traffic)
Jan Beisheim
@chrismessina @maxwellcdavis exactly Maxwell. I based it off the guide of Falak Tu/We/Thu most upvotes/ comments. Chris - you are around here way longer, what's your take on it?
Bertha Kgokong
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the busy days where you will get a lot of traffic. Then weekends are less busy, but then again you might make it to top 5 because less busy also means, less competition.
Samir Moussa
@berthakgokong I second this โ˜๐Ÿผ We launched on Tuesday and it was very competitive. We got 220 upvotes (8th place). #1 got 1500 votes
Maxwell Davis
@berthakgokong @samir_moussa Wow 1500 is a lot of votes to try and achieve - thanks for the feedback!
Pablo Fatas
If your goal is to get product of the day then the day is not too important. If it is too get product of the week or month then posting on Tuesday/wednesday/thursday are your best bets as there is more traffic. So you are at an advantage against those who post on other days.
Maxwell Davis
@pablo_fatas Thanks for sharing, hadn't really thought about the product of the week/month - something else to bear in mind
Pablo Fatas
@maxwellcdavis No problem. One thing to consider is that if your goal is Product of the Day that might be a bit easier on the other days as some of the big hitters or good products hoping to aim high might be on the higher traffic days :)
Sam DeBrule
The right day depends on your goal โ€ข Tue-Thu are high traffic, high competition days on PH โ€ข M, F, Sa, and Sun are lower traffic, and easier to make it to the top of the leaderboard Our goal was Top Product, so we launched on Mondayโ€ฆ and it worked!!
Maxwell Davis
@samdebrule I loved your launch. Yeah we're launching a two sided marketplace so a high traffic day would be good for the product more than anything else...
Raja Simon
If your product is saasy towards creators side then M to W works. But other than all launching on weekend really works. Well that's my opinion.
Brian Nutt
We set a launch date 1 month out from our last publish. That ended up being a Monday which I find helpful because we will have a clean week to follow up and push our application. So it was more about readiness than the day of the week for us.
Maxwell Davis
@brian_nutt I like the idea of it being nice and clean and launching on a Monday ๐Ÿ˜€
Michael Andreuzza
If I am done with the project, the next thing I do is to fill up the launch form and simply launch. Why wait? For what? I launch 16 tools and because they are useful
Joanna Kurylo
We talked to many people before launching on Product Hunt, and it seemed that the two most popular days were Tuesday/Wednesday. I did some digging on twitter to try to figure out who else was launching on those two days and it seemed there was a bunch of companies with larger audiences that were launching on Tuesday so it seemed too competitive. We decided to launch Wednesday and ended up 10th on the leaderboard. Overall, exhausting but incredible experience!
Maxwell Davis
@joannakurylo Thanks for sharing - yeah seems like those two days seem to be the most popular ones - I guess it then depends on how confident one is about getting higher up on the list...
Mihai Marinescu
Depends on your confidence :-s
Maxwell Davis
@mmarinescu88 Yeah was thinking that too...๐Ÿคฃ
Paul VanZandt
We haven't launched yet and are going through a lot of the same considerations - I'd personally prioritize users over position so I'm leaning towards Wednesday.
Maxwell Davis
@paul_vanzandt It's a good idea to focus on the product priorities rather than the prestige ๐Ÿ˜€
Justin George
If we assess last month's data, Thursday was the most engaging day. Thursday had, - ~32887 votes (at least 10k votes ahead of second-most engaging Tuesday), - ~154 posts, - ~6452k comments in the discussion. Also, the majority of the products are launched early in the morning You can see more of these trends on
Deepa from PLG Works
@georgejustin22 Yesss!! Thursday is the best! ;)
Dylan Merideth
A combination of readiness, planning, and an understanding of productivity rate. You have to balance pedal pushing and braking for "safety" to keep the metaphor going
Emmanuel Lefort
On our end, we had a debate between marketing and tech: we thought about a Friday launch for people to have the weekend to test the App, but the tech team didn't want any crash to happen on a Saturday or Sunday. So we went for a Wednesday.
Deepa from PLG Works
It is a no brainer for us to launch on a Thursday!
Martina Hackbartt
We're launching on Wednesday the 20th of April. We chose Wednesday because we were told it's best to launch from Tuesday to Thursday traffic-wise. And Wednesday was the day we could all block our calendars๐Ÿ˜‚. I'm a bit scared of the day we chose, though. I think maybe we should've gone with Monday since the competition might be too much for us.
Philipp Karetov
I bet for Sunday as a safer option: I'm not outstandingly good at building up votes, so I looked for milder competition, when every product on the home page rather speaks for itself.
Maxwell Davis
@philippkaretov Yeah the appeal of getting product of the day is very tempting!