How did you find a cool Hunter for ProductHunt?

Vasilina Leushina
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Hi guys! How did you find a cool Hunter for Product Hunt launch? Do you have any suggestions? We are ready to launch our awesome and now starting preparations. Hope to learn from your experience!


Vasilina Leushina
Now we're using "spam to every hunter" strategy, but I'm not really sure it's ok :)
Xavier Coiffard
Ask me :) Or you can check this list: and send some DMs
Hamed Baatour
you don't need a "cool hunter". From historical data posted by many here in PH (eg @alexanderisora ) and past experiences. there is little to no difference between using a popular hunter or hunting a product yourself.
Alexander Isora 🦄
@hamedbaatour I agree 🙂 A cool hunter with thousands of followers will not give much impact on your launch. This is because the followers of a hunter are no more getting emails notifications on a new hunt as it used to be in the past. I made a video where I told all I know about the "finding a hunter" question:
Hamed Baatour
@alexanderisora already watched that video back in November and I have to say that it explains this point really well. One of your first subscribers 😉 keep it up Alex 💪
Alina Ihnatiuk
I find out about launches by accident or from recommendations. Somehow I don't follow on purpose
Manoj Ranaweera
Wow! Lovely product @vasilina_leushina Who have you chosen?
Costas Athan
Is there a difference between upvoting and hunting?