Growth marketers! Hoot hoot!

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What do you think works for your Growth teams when it comes to features?


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
I don't find a sense in this question. What does marketing has to do with what product gets released?
@bogomep Hey when you are in a growth team, you would definitely want to prioritise what's going to affect the users in the app! Are they frustrated with a buggy feature or are they bored with the old one and are looking for something new? or you need to delight users with a new feature. In case you are in product marketing, there is a high chance you would find sense in this question. :D
@bogomep Yes absolutely, the PM does it. I suppose I didn't put the question right! It should have been what works for the Growth teams when it comes to features! :)
Michael Kosorukov
I'd say neither of these. Growth is about identifying the points in the funnel with the biggest potential for elasticity and running experiments around those
Pritam Nanda
I believe that a few bug-free features on a product is way better than a lot of bug-ridden new features.
Isla Lee
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