Push Notifications for engagement!

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I would love to know how you handle and manage notifications and drips for your products? Are there any dos and don'ts? Sightly new to this and building content & strategies!! Need some helpppp


Hey Shruti - TLDR my feedback :-) 1) Strategy to design the right notification ->Identify your engagement goal and opportunities to help you send the relevant message for engagement (Ex: Notifcation of missed communication from the community ) ->Map your engagement goal with your overall marketing goal (Ex: Are you engaging with the audience to increase In app purchase? ) ->Map the right notification with the customer experience journey to make your messages more appelaing ->Measure the relevant metrics of engagement ( Open rate , Click rate , Opt Out Rate etc..) ->Select the right engagement platforms for implementation 2) Three Engagement platforms to make your push notifications rich ->CleverTap - All in one platform with behavioral analytics, audience segmentation, and cross-channel messaging. ->Braze - Offers customized solutions for specific industry verticals like fintech, retail etc.. ->Airship - Send push notification on both Android and iOS 3) Types of Push Notification ->Reminders ->Location based alerts ->Informational alerts ->Product recommendation alerts ->Offer/ Promotional alerts ->User Personalized alerts 4)Optimize your push notifications for better engagement ->Create segments and target your users based on their own data ->Make it stand out with custom messages , badges and emotions ->Make it omnichannel by connecting mobile channel with the CRM channel ->Limit the number of notifications , prioritize the one’s user cares ->Do A/B test and show multiple variants of the same message, pick up the one that works best 5)Do’s & Don’t of Push notification ->Get your notification timing right ->Make it easy to opt out ->Give people more control to personalize ->Don’t make the notifications annoying ->Limit your notification message to 100 characters
@su_g Thanks so much!!! This is quite comprehensive. Thanks for taking out time to share your knowledge. Really appreciate it. 🙌🙌