From Marketing Manager to Product Marketing Manager

Gabriel Bujold
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Hi product enthusiasts! I've been working in marketing for the past 4 years and things are going well. However, I would like to get closer to product marketing at the company where I am now. It's a startup so there's plenty of opportunities once we'll grow more, but I'm wondering how I could potentially create my own role without losing the management part of my job. When I first got started, I was meddling into pricing strategy and taking the time talking with the designer and finding out a way to improve the UX/pushing new features of the product. I love those two aspects to be honest and I even started doing customer interviews for marketing purposes. I'm also becoming a rather technical person. My background is in SEO and I'm playing a lot with the technical side of things. Learning how to code is also in my professional todo and at the moment, I'm focusing on how to automate things with Python. I'm still new to this world and I'm wondering what type of learning or tasks I should focus on in order to 1. Do more tasks that I love & 2. Get experience in product marketing. Thanks, keep building y'all!


Hwei Oh
Sounds like you need to define what fits into the scope of a "product marketing" role for your organization as this will better guide you as to the types of skills that will be required, so that you don't get distracted. Super awesome you're learning to code, but that (for example) might not be a requirement for a product marketing role. From what I know, product marketers have to be technically minded and understand the technical minutiae of your company's solutions and to be able to explain and evangelize this to an external audience; including the development of content and collateral to support sales efforts. They are also on top of what's happening with industry trends and the competitive landscape (and how your products stack up compared to theirs). It's a really crucial role as it can bridge both marketing and sales enablement. I'm certain with your level of enthusiasm and proactiveness, your company would be open to helping you shape your career. Good luck! This site might also be useful in regards to product marketing: https://productmarketingalliance...