Learning programming language as a search marketer

Gabriel Bujold
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Hey Makers. I'm guessing this question has been asked a lot in the past, but I still want to take my chances. Brian Dean recently launched a study about SEO jobs and he's saying that SEO who code have an edge of the ones that don't (no surprise here). I have 3 years of experience in SEO and I'm looking to push my expertise forward by learning more HTML & CSS. Do you have any resources to point me to get started? I'm deep in strategy and copywriting, but I like doing technical SEO so I guess this investment will pay off in the future.


Fernando Nikolic (mindfold.co)
The technical SEO elements that do require coding can be remedied through Google Tag Manager. Do you follow Simo Ahava? He does a fantastic job of marrying GTM and GA together through basic coding, so check out his blog. Then I would say coding elements that favour SEO like on-page structure and load speed is good to know more about. Learning how to minify CSS and JS, for example. I've kinda picked that up as I go, so I don't have one sole source here.
Gabriel Bujold
@fernikolic1 Yeah, he's really solid. For now I decided to step back from GTM because our load speed need to be improve and we cannot reduce more important third parties apps. Thanks for the insights about minifying your code!
Deepak Joshi
w3schools is a good place to get an idea
Dimitris Karavias
MDN Docs, given your background they could be a good starting point: https://developer.mozilla.org/en...