Being Fully-Remote for a Year; My experience

Gabriel Bujold
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Hey guys, I have been working fully-remotely for a year now, and I have written an article about it on Medium. The article is available here: I would love to get your feedback on the article, but also on my overall experience without a physical office. Cheers and stay safe!


Pavel Shkliaev
I work remotely since 2011. Became more systematic and began to appreciate the time. Good luck! The first 3 years are difficult, then you get used to it and start getting high
Gabriel Bujold
@pavel_shkliaev Thanks for your feedback Pavel! It's hard from time to time but I really like that :)
Elen Udovichenko
@bujold19 Great article! Thanks for sharing your insights:) I've been working remotely for over 3 years now and can safely say I can't imagine having to go back to the office! And I totally agree - all it takes to become productive while working remotely is just get to know yourself. I've spent several months struggling and forcing myself to work during the day! But as soon as I understood that I am more productive at night, it all became a lot easier. It also helps to be on the same page with the rest of your team. I often faced certain bias and even lost one job because I refused to start working from the office. They always tried to control me and made me feel like I don't work enough just because they couldn't look over my shoulder all the time. So I am very happy to be working in a fully remote team at :)
Gabriel Bujold
@elen_u Really cool story Elen. I really enjoy working remotely as well and won't be able to find a different way of work :) Happy to discuss with others remote work advocates like you!