What do you guys think about standing desks?

Gabriel Bujold
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They're really useful & ergonomical!
I don't really see the hype...


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I am not sure what it is... is it a desk with just two legs instead of four? Or is it literally a desk where you can working standing up?
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@laura_vasquez95 It's a desk where you work standing up. Sometimes, it's a frame you put on the top of your current desk and it's enable you to work without sitting down.
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I think that this is something that may not be a good fit for everyone. I'm using one and the legs got used to this only after a while.
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Dude I have a back of a 90 year old and my standing desk helps so much. As long as you can adjust it so that you can also sit, I think they are a pretty good investment
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@simonemeta Good to know! Thanks for the feedback :)