Founders/Co-founders with a day job. How do you manage work-balance between your two jobs?

Gabriel Bujold
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I'm curious about the number of hours you're spending on both and what does your schedule look like.


Sharath Kuruganty
It's insanely tough. Having systems in place helps. I mostly spend weekends and evenings working on side projects. The important thing to remove stress is to find a problem that you want to build for yourself, have zero expectations and make sure you have a lot of fun with it.
@5harath I can soooo second that!! Unless I win a lottery and do not actually have to work 9-5 while building something myself, the only sane way is to be truly passionate about your project that it does not feel like a second job when you should be resting. It's a project, a hobby, a recharge method - all in one, then I can manage balancing the two :)
Gabriel Bujold
@5harath @mynameisana Thanks for sharing folks! Building a system and treating this as a hobby instead of a job is the way to go if I want to keep my sanity 😅
robiul haque
Invest in a day planner. Writing daily tasks in a day planner is essential if you are working two jobs, Simplify everyday tasks. You may need to simplify everyday tasks as much as possible when working two jobs, Make to-do lists, Money, New skills, Distance, Keep exercising, Eat healthy and many more.