Feedback Needed!

Hedieh Safiyari
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Hey Makers! The team at PromptHealth has created our Ship page in preparation for our launch on PH! I'd like to ask for your general feedback on the page and if there are any changes or questions that might not be clear from our team's point of view. Our messaging is for healthcare providers and if the PH community won't understand, they won't. Anything is appreciated - here's the link!


Mikhail Aksenov
I'd prefer to have more descriptions of what exactly do you plan to do in your app. Page says "Discover, Learn, and Connect with wellness providers all over Canada" but what Discover, Learn and Connect exactly mean? A few words to describe each term would help me greatly
Bogomil Shopov - Бого
1, It goes directly to sign-up. leaving the message above the line. 2. the title "Find a solution with ..." What is the problem for this solution? Honestly I don't know what you offer.