What are some of the most difficult spaces to build a community?

Hedieh Safiyari
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I love the PH community for its amazing feedback, advice, and resources. However, I want to hear about the platforms that were difficult to build a community in. What were the challenges you faced? Do you still try to engage with the community there or has it fizzled out?


Kira Leigh
Twitter is, by far, the hardest place to build a community as far as social media goes. The disinfo wheel, terrible takes, and attraction to outrage make it nearly impossible to cut through the digital noise and leverage the attention economy. PH is awesome, but as I've moved away from tech and into writing cyberpunk indie books about robots saving the world, I can't quite leverage it the way I'd like to. AKA: I don't make tech products, I make nerd entertainment. Another difficult space is Reddit. It used to be fickle, but doable, if you were smart about it. Now it's nearly impossible, considering how volatile and co-opted it is. Easiest? LinkedIn. Yeah, weird, right? Second easiest? TikTok.
Hedieh Safiyari
@kiraieigh Interesting! we were planning to make a company twitter - but reading this makes me second guess.