What are some tips to grow on Twitter?

Hedieh Safiyari
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Keshav Mahajan
It's very easy to grow on Twitter provided you're clear with what you want. Over the past 6 months I've helped multiple people to grow their Twitter accounts to 10K followers using these hacks: 1. Tweet consistently. The algorithm rewards consistency 2. Lead with value. Your content is your point of interaction with the audience, creating valuable content will automatically build your reputation & help you grow. 3. Engage with accounts in your niche. Try to comment, like & RT. 4. Build connections in DM's. Twitter is the best networking platform even surpassing LinkedIn just due to the ease of networking. My business partner is from Ireland while I'm from India, just due to the power of DM's. Doing this correctly, you can easily get 10k followers in under 6 months. I hope this solves your doubts. If not, let me know.