Any healthtech startups here on PH?

Hedieh Safiyari
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New Member Alert! Hi everyone! I'm Hedieh, Founder and CEO of PromptHealth, a company with a mission to connect health providers to each other and give them a platform to share their knowledge and expertise. Looking to connect with any other healthtech start ups here :)


Hi, Hedieh, I like your idea. I hope you will be able to implement it. Unfortunately, every person has faced a situation. When he needed a certain medicine, which was very difficult to get, and if your idea in healthcare came true, I am sure it would make life easier for all of us. And everyone could get medicines. I often visit the clinic because I want to see a cosmetologist. Sometimes, my specialist advises me on some drugs or oils that I cannot get. And if you could help me with that. I was very grateful to you.
Herrera Herrera
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