Do you use chatbots?

Eugene Kyriienko
8 replies
Hi guys. In which messengers do you use chatbots? What services do you use?


Alice Rodgers
We use intercom integration. Also were considering drift, but stayed with intercom in the end
Eugene Kyriienko
@cn__katie what platform do you use to create chatbots in Telegram?
Alice Rodgers
@new_user_6e20bf0401 I do not create them. I meet - i am a consumer. I only know how to make chatbots in Intercom which I use at work BTW, I guess I met you at iForum 2021
Alina Dykuha
We use a chatbot builder bundled with an online chat on the website, our own service 13Chats
Pallavi Jaisinghani
Yes! Also, I work for a company that builds chatbots & voicebots
Jason Grills
We use ProProfs Chatbot in our Facebook messenger. It has worked for us so far and it’s affordable in comparison to options like Intercom and Drift.