Tell us what features of the platform are important for creating high-quality online courses?

Eugene Kyriienko
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SendPulse is at the final stage of developing an online course creator and will soon present it to you. This is a completely new product for our company and we have spent a lot of time talking to the experts who are launching their online courses. But we also want to know from you what features of the platform are important for creating and effectively promoting online courses. Share your thoughts 😉 Below is a description of the functionality of the future platform for creating online courses by SendPulse: - A simple course builder that allows you to add different learning materials: infographics, video lectures, podcasts, PDF books, and so on. - You can create the required number of courses and lessons and change their structure and sequence. - Course landing page with a registration form generated automatically. - - Connect your domain or use the free SendPulse domain. - Integration with PayPal, Fondy, and Stripe payment systems so that participants can instantly pay for courses after registering in their account. - Tracking the student's progress in studies and a test constructor to test knowledge. - Q&A section, where you can chat with everyone taking the course. - Adding moderators who will help students and give feedback. - Certificate Builder to reward students who complete all lessons or pass tests with a certain score. - Connecting chatbots to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, or Telegram, as well as setting up email, SMS, push, and Viber messages to communicate with students. - Protection against downloading videos within the platform. - CRM for sales automation — information about students and those who want to take a course is synchronized with SendPulse CRM, which allows you to communicate with them via email, SMS, and messengers at every transaction stage. - Running webinars and auto-webinars is under development. These features will be available in the next version of the service. If you are a GetCourse and Tilda user and looking for an alternative or just planning to launch courses, consider SendPulse online course platform as a great solution.


Alina Dykuha
I am currently taking a course on the Udemy platform, but I'm planning to launch my independent marketing course soon. I'm choosing between different platforms and solutions, and I'd like to follow this discussion
Arun Pariyar
Hi Eugene, Looks like SendPulse is taking care of a lot of things however tiny as it may be I think a well described syllabus is also something very important for course takers 💯
Paul VanZandt
In my experience with online learning (which is limited) I found accessibility, clarity, and alternative sources of information to be the most important factors in my learning process. Think of things that are accessible in an in-person learning environment and try to replicate that online. I hope that is helpful. If you're interested, we just launched today and would love your support:
Tina Sabri
You can find a wide variety of learning platforms on the internet. Online learning complements and sometimes even replaces traditional classrooms. It serves multiple needs of teachers and learners due to its flexibility. Yet, to make the most of online learning, you need to check the features that a platform has to offer and decide whether it provides a supportive environment for your studies. Here are 7 amazing features that any educational platform must have. My Lowes Life