Share your favorite apps you can't live without in your daily routine ;)

Eugene Kyriienko
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Tell us about your three favorite apps. For me it: 1. Telegram. All working communication here. 2. Facebook Ads Manager. I look at the effectiveness of advertising and make adjustments 3. YouTube. Can't do without video and music.


Reddit for sure
I like to travel and to meet new people)
Instagram, Duolingo and my online banking app. If first two i use just for fun (and for study of course), third one i need for my job and for all the payments. Happily it almost always works well, otherwise pnc bank customer service is very helpful when i need them)
Launching Neuton.AI TinyML soon!
Slack for corporate communications, Telegram and Instagram for personal ones.
Marketing & Growth
Instagram, Telegram and Fb
A storyteller spreading happiness.
Instagram Slack Flipboard
Always looking for something new.
1. Twitter to keep up with the current news 2. PICKL so I can make a bit of an extra buck on the side while I grocery shop 3. Duolingo so I can study and learn a new language for like 10 minutes a day