Do you use any tool for social media conversation?

Sreekanth PM
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Hi, I have a decent LinkedIn with almost 1.9k connection, and a recently active twitter account and a Facebook account. Creating and sharing content is one aspect of building engagement and connections. But the real relationship and connections comes from direct conversations through direct messages. After started regular messaging in LinkedIn and twitter, i found it difficult to manage two different platform that takes time. If you are targeting social media for marketing and leads it will get more worse. These are the pain that i identified. 1. Time for managing each platform is more. 2. Getting connected with previous conversations is tedious. 3. To manage and remember contacts in multiple social networks are tedious. 4. Convert contacts into leads takes lot of efforts. 5. Segment your contacts across social networks to manage priorities. Do you encounter these difficulties yourself? Any tool recommended or you anticpate?


Fabian Maume
It is possible to use Phantombuster to push data from Linkedin to CRM. I personally track high value lead in CRM and I setup reminder for the follow-up on different platform.
Fabian Maume
@sreekanth850 Phantombuster support Twitter well. You can also use it for Facebook if you setup proxy.
Claire Glisson
I don't love Hootsuite (pretty bad UI) but you can respond to comments and DMs from all of your socials there. I've also heard of SMMs who swear by Agorapulse, but I've never tried it. Could be worth a google.
Sreekanth PM
@claire_glisson hootsuite is too odd with its old and ugly Ui. I'm also in doubt about inbox feature never saw one. I tried Agorapulse but too expensive for personal use. It's ideal for business with multiple people operating social media.
Ultimately, the idea is to get them all to sign-up / create an account with your product offering? So irrespective of the social platform, try redirecting them to your web form fill on your website/specific landing page. Once they fill out your webform, they kind of enter the CRM of your email database. That's when you can segment, nurture etc. You don't need to engage via Linkedin twitter etc. anymore, unless I am mistaken that its not a SaaS product.
Sreekanth PM
Even I don't think you can direct them to your landing page with one single cold message right. In my case I use to send at least 5 message before i pitch. This is one issue. Specifically for product that target first 100 customers, automation (campaigning) will not work for sure. You need to build a personal touch and rapport with your prospects in early days. Especially doing things that don't scale. This is where my use cases comes relevant.
Manel Nuñez Casillas
I downloaded some tool from for analyze the performance about the Social media
Denis Klimin
You can use to collect and organize your all contacts in one place.