Is the customer experience solutions are broken?

Sreekanth PM
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Why I am not able to find a single platform for managing my website, website visitors, and Conversation Management together? When I tried to search a platform that provides a full suite of solutions for running up a website and manage my visitors /leads, a strange thing I found is that is, I need to select a platform for CMS, then I need to choose another one vendor for Live chat and the third one for contact management including campaigns. Is it strange to have multiple platforms to have cover up all this?


James Rollins
Absolutely. Finally you end up in paying multiple vendors every month.
Hussein Yahfoufi
The only product I can think of without doing much research that may be close to what you are looking for is HubSpot
Sreekanth PM
@husseinyahfoufi Does hub spot do the job of a CMS? i think they have landing page creator other than that i dont think it can serve a dedicated CMS job. I saw erxes but gain they miss CMS. Irony is that all this components are connected one but completely disconnected in products!!!
Seems to be valid, We are using Contentful, Zendesk and Mailchimp.
Sreekanth PM
what you are using for front end with contentful?