Do you think video reviews are more effective than text reviews?

Elena Cirera
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ankita singh
Yes I feel so, because these days videos are taking all the attention and it takes alot to read textual content
Elena Cirera
@ankita00 "A picture is worth a thousand words"; a video is more effective than a picture, and it is even more effective than text. Videos are attention-getting and leave a better impression on the viewer; videos are indeed more effective than text.
Sini Katariina
@ankita00 @elena_cirera I also think than in reviews and references, a short text in addition to videos, let´s say one sentence/comment from a satisfied customer themselves is way more worth a thousand reference pictures without any sayings of experience! It´s faster in digital world to notice and read sentences and comments from customer´s mouth
Saqib Ali
Most definitely, and that's because of two major reasons: 1. Videos can provide quick product demonstrations. In the case of a service review, viewers get to see a real and authentic client on camera. 2. Unlike text reviews, videos take lesser time and energy of a viewer while watching.
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Yes. a video takes less time and energy to view; it can also be used for an effective product demonstration.
Brian Nutt
@elena_cirera I checked out @vidmonials and it looks pretty cool. I wonder if you could use some mix of technologies to record a video testimonial and then present short form of autogenerated text through NLP that could be read as a teaser to watch the video. I see value in both text and video. In fact, there is deep evidence that they both perform differently and can even out perform one another depending on the context of the message. Video is powerful, but don't overlook text entirely.
Elena Cirera
@vidmonials @brian_nutt Thank you very much for your appreciation! Videos are indeed more effective than text, but at the same time, nobody can deny the importance of the text also.
Brian Nutt
@vidmonials @elena_cirera I'm not suggesting videos cannot be more effective. I have been in the video space for many years and am currently working on a product with a focus on video automation/personalization at scale. Video comprehension has been reported to exceed text by some 60,000 times- but under the right conditions. Just something to consider as product evolves and use cases expand.
Elena Cirera
@vidmonials @brian_nutt Surprisingly, video comprehension can exceed 60,000 times than text under the right conditions. Would you like to share the source of this fantastic information
Sharath Kuruganty
I would say both. The point is not about the format but how authentic the review is. IMO social capital is a signal that comes from genuine, credible reviews.
Daniel Leal
Elena, I do prefer video because let's say I have the chance to easily explain what I am seeing in the moment and the way I am feeling about something. It works perfectly to explain to our UX/UI designer a new feature for example.
Audrey Lo
Depends on where I am consuming the content (mobile/web...on the go, at home). Overall though, video is just easier to digest.
Alex Robinson
@audrey_lo Yes, I'd say that's right. It's a lot easier to digest a video when you're on the go, but text is better when you're at home and have the time to really read and learn something.
Dawn Veltri
For me, it depends. Video reviews hosted on websites often load incredibly slow and don't have captions. I rarely listen to videos. For clothing purchases, I prefer video, but those reviews are rare. If clothing websites made it easier to leave video reviews, I think more people would leave them.
Elena Cirera
@dawn_veltri1 I agree with you, I think for technical and complex products, text reviews can be more helpful, but for the products of daily usage like clothing, fashion brands and food items, video reviews are an excellent choice.
Sakshi Fotedar
I think either work equally well. Depends wholly upon the skills of the reviewer - I have found some amazon reviews from customers to be more effective, than short video reviews by professionals, it's all about how you put forth your points.
Sagarika Singh
@sakshi_fotedar exactly a video with a lot of nonsense is useless, a concise text review can sometimes get the point across very smoothly
Elena Cirera
@sakshi_fotedar @sagarika_singh But, I think a quality video review is more effective than a text review.
Shawn Mclean
Before we pivoted to our current idea validation engine (@samelogicai), we were doing video-based surveys on websites. We ran these videos through an NLP and emotion engine to give you back some insights. Our biggest problem was the quality of the videos. If you can nail that problem of proper lighting, that should get you going further than we did. But our audience was the users of SaaS products.
Ng Fang Kiang
yea, a lot better
Connor Jewiss
I think it depends. For a smartphone, car, laptop, headphones, and other larger purchases, I'd say a video for sure. If it's just something daft like a keyboard, mouse, smart home device, etc, a written review is easier as it's much quicker to skim through. Depends on whether you need to see what the product's like to use all the time in detail, or just a quick "does it work?"
Nil Koirala
It depends on several factors. What are you covering, target audience, and more? In general, I would go for text review to get a surface idea and later on video content if I find anything interesting. So, If I am already developing a video I would at least provide a summary in the text version.
Hamza Afzal Butt
yeah, I do because I think, Video testimonials are harder to fake, making them more powerful than written endorsements.
Muhammad Ali
Video reviews are fun to watch, but it's important to provide written reviews on your company's website as well for those who don't prefer to watch videos.
Olivia Watson
hey Elena ,In my view, I definitely feel that video testimonials are more powerful than written ones as they carry more weight. Video reviews are also great for reaching a wider audience when it comes to social media and organic traffic in general. Having said that, I do think that written reviews are important too simply because there is a portion of your consumer base that may not be able to watch videos if they're at work or their eyesight isn't what it used to be, etc. So you want to make sure and provide testimonials in multiple formats so that you reach the most consumers possible. hope so you will agree to my opinnion.
Alex gleen
Video testimonials are powerful for several reasons i can say
jonny vince
customer reviews in short video clips i can say, because they allow you to visually confirm an understanding of key information, which helps to get rid of fake reviews, often use in marketing tactics.
Peter agar
The technology allows for the same visual confirmation we experience in face-to-face conversations, and it can be used to convey all the key information you want to share and have better and more powerful impact then written.
Sophia Emma
hey you all, i agree with Video reviews, coz they allow you to visually confirm an understanding of key information, which helps reduce miscommunication. as well as one may get more information in less time.
Mahak from Outgrow
yes I think they are better than reading content that can be forged by anyone while at least video review shows us what the real product is.