What are three major benefits of remote working for employees

Elena Cirera
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Less commuting time. More autonomy. Greater flexibility.
Alessandro Pavan
I love working from home on days when I need more time to focus. Don't have to stress about commuting and I have flexibility over my working hours (often are actually a lot longer). I am a fan of the hybrid solution, as I also like to go to the office to get together with my colleagues!
Flexibility, freedom and time as long as you are disciplined and know when to put boundaries so that it does not take it over your life.
Elena Cirera
@jessie_m Yes, you can enjoy freedom and flexibility; with discipline, you can maintain a good work-life balance.
Rosie Higgins
more time for hobbies and interests, no time spent commuting, a full kitchen to eat whatever you like for lunch
Srishty Chaudhary
The biggest benefit of remote working is savings from supposed expenses. Time saving is another major benefit in remote working.