What are your top tips for maintaining a work-life balance

Elena Cirera
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Make time for a holiday and book in breaks, at least quarterly. Even a long weekend every quarter is better than nothing. But remember to advise your clients and customers as far in advance as possible.
Ng Fang Kiang
Pomodoro Technique
Elena Cirera
@jorcus The Pomodoro technique is suitable for time management. Would you like to explain how this technique can improve work-life balance?
I used to be spontaneous but found that planning gave me much more flexibility. When using apps like Google Calendar, I categorise anything social or personally rewarding (ie. hobbies) with a bright green, happy colour to contrast my work and errands. I ensure I have one of those fun green blocks at least once a day :) If there isn't one of those green blocks during the day or it starts to decrease over time, I start considering what needs to change for me to have more of them. It encourages continual evaluation of my weekly schedule and my personal goals.
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Just having the right mind-set, self-discipline is the key!