Do you have an e-commerce business? If so, I’d love to learn about it!

Eithiriel DeMeré
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I feel like I don’t see a lot of e-commerce businesses on here, so if you’ve got one, tell me about it. ♥️


Tiffany daSilva
Hey you know all about but for everyone else - I create products that help people live life on purpose. Our bucket list boxes for couples, dads, growth marketers and self care all help you get the most of your day. ♥️
Hannes Johnson
I've been running as a side project for some time. I'm mainly selling T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. It's a bit of a creative outlet and sandbox to try out different marketing tactics to see what works :)
Lawrence Jean-Louis
I make handcrafted beaded jewelry at It's an eCommerce store offering a line of handcrafted beaded jewelry which aims to spread the message for embracing individuality, feminine strength, and empowerment. The company strives to provide beautiful, high quality, handmade jewelry to women who prefer to shop small and have a connection with the business/brand that they're supporting.
Ian Janicki
🙋‍♂️ I'm part of an amazing team building Outfit — DIY projects delivered to your door. Would love your feedback 🤗
Danielle Wintrip
I just launched a website selling cross-stitch kits called Rosy & Grey Stitchery at My designs are modern, meditative and good looking enough to display at home.
robiul haque
The beauty and health industries are some of the biggest in the world. Even today, with all these online business ideas available, it still remains extremely profitable. This idea is especially good for young people with great ecommerce marketing skills. As long as you are able to communicate the importance of the products you’re selling in people’s lives, your chances of success are high.
Partha Bhattacharya
@nikkielizdemere, that's nice of you, thanks!👏👏 I sell customizable PowerPoint templates for video ads at - good for anyone that finds video design a challenge for social media. Our designs are intuitive, eye-catching, and cover a range of industries.
Ken Wallace
Hey! 👋 I run Startup Coffee ( freshly-roasted, sustainably-sourced whole bean coffee for startup founders.
Craig Carlyon
Nichole, I had a look at Reeview, it looks interesting. We are not ready yet but I will have a closer look when we have relaunched.
Demian Dex
Good afternoon we encountered a friendly scam, we want to know how to deal with it, as well as how to warn ourselves in the future.
Dario Banesr
That fraud kind, although not very popular, is there. To fight it, you need to improve the quality of your service and change your refund policy. To avoid additional payments for the inconvenience to customers, banks often side with their customers and don't understand the reason for a chargeback request. Read all about the proactive fraud chargebacks in this article. There's a lot of good advice there.
Ashton T. Navarro
As an e-commerce entrepreneur, I'm always looking for ways to improve my business. If you're selling something online, I want to learn more about your business and how it's working for you. Now you can check and get more latest technology tips easily. I want to learn more about your business, so if you have just the tiniest bit of extra time to spare this month, I’d love to chat with you!