What are your favorite tech newsletters and podcasts?

Eithiriel DeMeré
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Would love to learn about what you're reading and listening to and why! 🥰


Jason Dainter
'My first million' does it for me.
Jamie McIntyre
Jamie Wheal "Recapture the Rapture" - great explanation of "Why the world is going crazy" (see this video: https://youtu.be/vqJQvJ7i7Ek). Offers some physiological and spiritual practices to explore as we attempt to rationalize new meaning where other structures have failed us.
Rehan Choudhry
First 1000 helped me out so much!
John Negoita
https://anchor.fm/mockofun it's an interesting approach to delivering updates about the new features of an online app via a podcast
Jaakko Timonen | Founder at nonono.com
The only newsletter that I read from start to finish every time is Harry Dry's marketing newsletter. Podcasts: my current favourite is Starting Greatness by Mike Maples Jr.
Gurpinder Singh
Outgrow's "Marketer of the Month" podcast is really amazing! https://open.spotify.com/show/1H...
Danah Makow
Lenny's newsletter has tons of actionable tips! https://www.lennysnewsletter.com
Vasileios Karvelis
Here is mine, this guy knows the startup ecosystem better than most, I truly enjoy everything that sends me. https://jon.io/category/newsletters
Gonzalo Filomeno
Podcast: Currently fun of Lenny's podcast Newsletter: Product Hunt Daily so far..
Sean Hyland
Not much of a newsletter person, but here's the two I like: Inside Tech Product Hunt Daily Not much of a podcast person either, but here's what I like: MacBreak Weekly The WAN Show