Customer Video Testimonials

Elena Cirera
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How vital are Customer Video Testimonials for a successful marketing campaign?


Rhys Webber
Testimonial by @xianmingchen not only lets you collect & add video testimonials - but the landing page also explains why pretty they're useful as well 😝
Elena Cirera
@xianmingchen @rhyswebber01 All testimonials software are great and create value for customers; try Vidmonials; I am sure you will find it fantastic!
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I believe testimonials, either written or recorded, are a strong marketing trick. One thing I want to see in testimonials is that the people are REAL people. This is why on our website, we've also added people's LI profiles :)
Elena Cirera
@lior_galante_cohen I think written testimonials are good, but recorded testimonials are the best. Recorded testimonials have more beneficial than written testimonials.
Matt Laybourn
Video testimonials are important for sure - there's a growing scepticism of vendors who just have customer 'logos' on a website, or anonymous case studies. The thing that's important is that for the end user it's really clear the view is from a real person, from a real company. So having a video with someone talking about your product glowingly, will help you stand out a bit from the crowd Hope this helps :)
Elena Cirera
@rockee_matt I liked your thought; it is also true that "having a video with someone talking about your product glowingly"
Hélène SAN
Hey Elena, Video testimonials are the most impactful social proof that can help you grow a brand so I would say it's a must if you want to convert more leads. If you want to collect video testimonials from customers maybe you should try Snackeet, it's a no-code tool to create web stories that you can share everywhere to collect feedback and testimonial from customers :)
Abhishek Bhardwaj
Customer video testimonials are crucial for a successful marketing campaign because they: Boost Credibility: Real customers sharing their experiences create trust in your product or service. Build Trust: Authentic video testimonials show potential customers that others have had a positive experience with your brand. Generate Authenticity: Video testimonials convey genuine emotions and reactions, making your marketing more relatable. Feedspace is a user feedback platform that helps in collecting text as well as video feedback. SOme features of Feedspace video feeds are: Capture Real Experiences: Encourage users to record their video testimonials or screen recordings with authentic feedback. Free Trial: As a free user, you can access the first three recordings to see the potential benefits. Upgrade for Full Access: Consider upgrading your account to access your entire video feed and unlock the full potential of building trust and credibility with your audience. Join Feedspace - and start collecting customer video testimonials for your business.