Would you like to share some tips for improving self-confidence?

Elena Cirera
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That's an interesting question, with no right answer! everyone has their own remedy. Having said that, I stumbled upon a great quote on LinkedIn and it helped me get through some times when I wasn't feeling that confident about myself. "Whatever you do, do it with a confidence of a 4-year-old... in a batman costume" Funny though, but it all revolves around feeling good about yourself. Sometimes, being that child helps.
Saqib Ali
When you love doing something, and I mean really love doing something, confidence does become regardless at that time. So, we gotta learn to love our work or either do what we love.
Elena Cirera
@saqib301 Your thought is similar to the quote of Dylan Lauren, "Believe in yourself, listen to your gut, and do what you love."
Satyendra Sahani
Be honest in what you do. If you maintain honesty, it will reflect in your gesture. Now self-confidence is not just about accomplishing everything, it is also about saying you can not accomplish with confidence(when you can not). And for that, you got to be damn honest to yourself.
Elena Cirera
@satyendra_sahani I appreciate your thoughts. Vernon Howard said, “Just be honest with yourself. That opens the door.” Being honest with ourselves is vital for self-confidence and successful life.
Ezra At ComplYant
Write down things you like about yourself
Ravi Bhojwani
Asking this question shows a level of devotion to yourself, continue with this and your confidence will explode!
Akriti Vyas
Wake up and listen to podcasts on self-confidence, that's all I do.
Know thy self :) find your own happiness, by doing inner work you will be more in touch with the true/authentic person that you are and aware of you worth and value which helps improving self-confidence... this is just my personal viewpoint.
Jonathan Massabni
Hoping this is not too plain, but embracing our current levels of confidence. For me it's focusing on intrinsic talents or purpose, and then enjoying every ups and downs along the way :)
Andrew E
Just think about all the times you thought you would fail, and didn't. Then be a scientist and follow that data to a conclusion.
Mahak from Outgrow
What helps me is whenever I feel that I am losing confidence, I try to think of all my happy moments and all the praises as well as friends and family words. They just give me the sense that "believe in yourself" as others do too and do something better. You are already good and what you did is best for everyone but now you have to do better, it may not be perfect but it will be worthy.