What positive change are you making in your personality to make 2022 a successful year?

Elena Cirera
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Andrii Kpyto
It is similar to the choice of character characteristics in an RPG game. So let's see... Charisma +1 Luck +1 Self-confidence +1 Hmm, not enough points... It looks like you have to sacrifice something: Free time -1 Travel -1 New hobbies -1 :) This is not a very simple question, given the limited skill points in real life and the difficulty of adjusting them.
I would try to polish my Leadership skills as good leaders can motivate others and help them reach a shared goal. They build confidence and improve morale.
Launching soon!
Time Management. I am looking forward to planning my time management strategy and make it stronger each day. Beginning my days right. Thoroughly chalking out what I am going to do that day. Also, I will keep in mind my larger goals and select activities accordingly.
Alexandra Kazakova
I will do less work myself, hire more freelancers to outsource work, and will focus on strategic consulting, because this is what helped more than 6 startups triple their revenue in the past year with me. I will focus on things with lower input and higher output.
Aurelian Spodarec
Well, I think we should review this weekly, or by a daily basis, not per new year :D However, what I'm doing in the remaining days of 2021 is focusing on good habits. Humans are made of habits. You have a good habit you become richer, you have a poor habit you become poorer. I'm focusing on: - Sleep - Building a SaaS - Food - Exercise The main focus right now is sleep. I'm making sure I prioritise it, give myself enough time to "chill" before bed so I don't end up coding till 5am. I watch a podcast and then some Ridddle (two videos max) on YT as my goodnight fairy tale. I want to optimize the work, get into a deep work state so in 6hours of work it'll be worth twice as much. Having good habits, Sleep, eating, and exercise - essentially health. You got that you can do anything you want. Something I've been working on but always falling off track for different reasons, mainly because I was too weak to say "no" or getting pushed by say a client and stayed late even though we could have done it in the morning. Too much to write :D
Can you change a personality?
Sidhdharth Sivasubramanian
Be more kind and empathize with the people around me.
Last year I spent most of the time suffering from “Krohn’s so this year i plan to appreciate every and any physical activity again.