Can anyone point me to any African tech startups that are growing really fast?

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Hi there, I've been reading a lot about the tech scene on the vast continent of Africa. I understand that Africa is comprised of 54 nations and 1.4 billion people, but I'm curious to learn more about the startup and venture capital culture there. Anything is appreciated!


Matthew Johnson
You should check out startups in the Pioneer community. There are a ton from Africa doing really cool stuff. The Africa leaderboard is here
eke lawrence
for you to get what you looking for, you need to be more precise, because africa have over 500 fintech companies and names like Flutterwave, Interswitch are going still here to answer your question but put the nail on the head
Bertha Kgokong
Yes, I know one ------ or two People's Fund, crowdsourcing funding purchase orders: Letswhoosh payment processing: IG3N -
Uchechukwu Emmanuel
What industry are you looking at?