Do you think small businesses can affect the climate crisis?

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Curious to hear your thoughts.


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
Every business starts as a small one. Don't give up!
if the small business is energy-intensive, and it is a popular activity that generates a lot of small businesses in the same sectors, it is dangerous
Paul VanZandt
Every person and business can make an impact. It's important to remember this while also understanding that big corporations need to buy in to make a big change.
As the saying goes, grain to grain. Everyone has an influence on the climate.
Daniel Engels
let' be realistic. The task is extremely difficult (if possible at all). Motivation quotes won't be enough.
Гретта Муляр
Interesting discussion about the impact of small businesses on the climate crisis! It reminded me of researching Wie lang ist eine Doktorarbeit? for my work. Sustainable practices in small businesses can significantly affect the environment. Who else agrees?