Do you think about sustainability or the climate when running your business?

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Have you tried any climate-friendly initiatives?


Valdis Takeris
Yes, one of the products I'm working on has this idea in it. With we provide a software solution for companies, which want to organise lunch at work for their employees. How is it sustainable? For example, in our case all company gets just a single caterer per day which means there is 1 truck providing lunch to the building, still offering possibility to choose what to eat. Before that we were able to order from different caterers which resulted in even tens of trucks daily.
@valdist Would you be open to this quick survey on how you think about your company and it's impact on the climate? I appreciate any feedback:
We've been thinking about using an offset scheme for the power usage for the online services that we use
Emelie Hebert Poulin
Yes! I think about my environemental & social impact all the time. In fact, I am trying to make them a priority in the foundation of my business. I am preparing for the BCorp certification rigth from the start.