Buying gifts for the holidays and birthdays 🎁

Lukas deConantsesznak
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What do you think is the most painful/difficult part of buying gifts for others on special occasions? It can be things that make it time consuming, stressful, or even confusing. Whatever comes to mind, please share!


Margarita Shvetsova
The most difficult thing is to guess (and succeed!) what the person may like. This is especially difficult when you don't know the person very well, or when it is the kind of person who never has a wishlist and always says "I already have everything".
Lukas deConantsesznak
@margarita_s88 I totally agree Margarita! These people are generally kind of impossible to buy for. What do you usually end up doing in that sort of case?
Angi Bowman
Idea generation is a pain point, especially for my husband. He gives the best gifts, so the pressure is on. Gift lists have always failed me. We don't need extra clutter in the house, and most gift ideas involve clutter. He's not techy, so tech-related gifts don't apply. You get the picture. As a result, we tend to do a lot of experience-related gifts instead of physical gifts. For the most part, the rest of the gift recipients are easy. I buy for them throughout the year, so by this point in the year I'm already halfway finished with holiday shopping. I've found that by spreading out gift buying, it makes for a stress-free holiday season in general. I can actually enjoy my family!
Lukas deConantsesznak
@lucky__angi so you are missing gift lists that involve more experiences? I feel the same way myself. I prefer experiences for gifts or something sentimental. What kind of experiences make for a great gift list in your opinion?
mathew hadden
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The hardest thing is buying something big and thinking through the delivery system so the child will not see the gift until the right day or hour. And the choice itself. This is tremendous work. I stopped shopping, as I had no time for anything. I had to constantly walk, look, and choose. And this also works. I heard there are even people who shop instead of you. I'm already looking at gifts online, choose and list them on . The variation of gifts is great. You have to choose a gift with great care. After all, at 16, all girls are very different. Some are still passionate about toys, and others are starting successful careers as a blogger. So here you can't do without helpers.
john wick
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Amanda Trincher
Yes, sometimes it is difficult to buy a good gift, because you need to guess what exactly the person wants to receive, and it is also often difficult to find the right product or order it on time. Although there are simple options like deepavali gifts that will also always be appropriate
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Haris Mughal
Yes, when we buying gifts for others on special occasions, there are a few challenges that many people face. One of the most painful aspects is the time-consuming nature of finding the perfect gift. It can be overwhelming to search through various options, especially when you want to make sure it's thoughtful and meaningful to the recipient. Another difficulty is the stress associated with making the right choice. There is often pressure to select something that aligns with the person's preferences and interests, and to ensure it reflects the significance of the occasion. This can lead to indecision and anxiety, as you want to make a lasting impression with your gift. The confusion of navigating the vast array of available options adds to the difficulty. From considering personal tastes and preferences to budget constraints, it can be challenging to find a gift that strikes the right balance. My suggestion: If you are in Dubai and looking for birthday gifts, a convenient solution is available. You can visit for a wide selection of gifts and enjoy fast same-day delivery across the UAE. This can help alleviate the stress and time-consuming aspects of gift shopping, ensuring a seamless and timely experience for both you and the recipient.