How do you like to validate new product ideas?

Lukas deConantsesznak
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What is your preferred method of validating new product ideas? Do you like to build a simple prototype? Maybe with a no-code tool? Seek out market research first? Or all of the above? I'm interested in hearing everyone's answers.


Not quite done it yet but our plan is as follows: - When we start getting some output that we can show we are setting up a focus group - We've already reached out to about 20 potential customers that have in some shape or form committed to the sessions that we want to hold.
Lukas deConantsesznak
@maxwellcdavis a focus group is a solid idea! What will you present at the focus group to spark converstion? Mockups of the potential product? Maybe a specific set of questions?
@lukas_deconantsesznak we're going to have our first version ready and over a 4 week period try and refine what we've got ready for a first public release. We'll present it and then give them access to the beta version. We'll have a few set questions, but we want to explore things so we'll have some open ones too.
Try making a landing page with a CTA like a newsletter sign up or payment page. See if users like the product enough to follow the call to action.
Lukas deConantsesznak
@enderm this is such a genius way to test the market with really, really low investment. Love the idea!!
Boris N
Launching soon!
You may use tool like Checkmyidea-IA to validate your idea. It will help you to : . Identify if your idea meets a real market need . What methods to test the viability of your idea quickly and at a low cost . Analyze competition for your idea . Determine if your idea is technically feasible with your skills . The needs and behaviors of your users . To market your idea and acquire your first users There are similar tools on the markets, but this is one is for modern webmarketing.