Building a product entirely from solo/indie tools... What are your favorites?

Richard Francis
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I soon plan to take a week or two to build something useful (and in public) exclusively using solo or independently-made tools. I'm yet to formulate a solid idea but on a very high level, these are probably the bases I'll want to cover: * Landing page/static content * Forms * Business logic * Datastore * Membership/paywall So I'll go first... here are some tools I'm considering: * Potion by @noahbraggg - definitely for the landing page, and perhaps more. * CopyAI by @paulyacoubian1 - for all marketing copy. * Memberstack by @belltyler and @duncan_hamra - If I need gated content with signup/login. * Bannerbear API by @yongfook - for generating great looking thumbs and other images on-the-fly. As you can see, I’m a little heavy on no-code right now. I’m a developer so can stitch bits together but ideally, I’d like to find a “lower-level” indie tool that can handle business logic or at least Zapier-esque automations. There are a ton of talented people working on their own tools, and I’m keen to explore more of them. So please share your favorites and hopefully, I can use them to plug the holes in my “stack” 🙏


Fabian Maume
What business logic do you try automate? You can do quite a lot data process with googlesheet and zapier. If you need webscraping you can use Phantombuster or Apify.
Fabian Maume
@richard_francis2 ask in LUNADIO there is a discussion channel about tools.