Best way to reach students and graduates online

Fatoumata D.
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Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day (or evening)! I was wondering if you knew how I could reach students and graduates online (worldwide) to test my app before I go live. I was thinking about Facebook groups but it is easy to be rejected because of the promotion. Do you have any ideas?


Chandan Das
Join student forums.
i am student ,and you reached me . Great work
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
@harshith_sasubelli Thanks for the reply! Do you have a twitter app where I can contact you?
Eddie Husarcik
Reddit might be decent but you would want to spend some time building trust before sharing your app.
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
@husarcik I tried reddit once, it didn't work that well.. I think you are right that building trust is necessary
Eddie Husarcik
@weynspire Most people will ignore your post unless you've been providing things of value for free. For example, in one of our subreddits for medical students, there is a group of people who post free tutorials on how to use a popular flashcard app. Now, they've pivoted to selling a "mastery course" while also still maintaining a lot of their free content. Some people are happy to pay $100+ for that course because they have given some much free advice already to build trust. Best of luck! I do think there are deficiencies in student forums / websites and a lot of us exist on Reddit because there is no other niche alternatives.
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
@husarcik It is really helpful and it will help me go on the right direction. Thanks a lot! I figured that too, that it was necessary to be active in a community.
Somnath Sandeep
@weynspire Can you give me more context? Who is your target audience exactly? Age? I can help direct resources accordingly
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
@somnathsandeep The context is that I created a social network for final year students and graduates who are looking for their first job. They can give each other tips and advices. There's no age requirements, the targets are final year students and graduates :) I am looking for beta testers before the app goes live on the App Store and Google Play.
Joe Carrow
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