It's launched!

Fatoumata D.
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Hi guys, I don't know if you remember but a few weeks ago I was asking how I could reach students or if there were students on product hunt. I finally launched the app on Google Play. It's not only for final year students and graduates now, but it is for every students who want to meet other students and international students. There it is: Let me know your thoughts so I can improve this product :) Thanks!


I literally had a discussion with friends back when I was in college about why this app didn't exist. Glad you made it, even if I'm too old now :)
Asif Kamal
Congratsss this looks promising
Natalie Karakina
Great tool for newcomers!
Hi am feyin an aspiring product manager mind if I can help in your product team
Fatoumata from We Ynspire
@adigun_olamijuwon_fehintola Hi Feyin, you can send me an email so we can about it! You can find it at (at the bottom of the page).