Is it necessary to ask a hunter to gain visibility when you launch a product?

Fatoumata D.
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I am new to Product Hunt, but is it necessary to contact a Hunter to gain visibility during the launch of a new product?


Shiva Prabhakaran
Based on my experience, it does help if the hunter has followers. It gives you the initial push but beyond that I don't see a point.
Ayush Kumar Singh
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Fabian Maume
It is less strong than before. It still gives a small boost, but it is not a must to launch. You can check out to find some hunter.
Fatoumata D.
@fabian_maume Thanks! I started to reach out some hunters yesterday but it feels like it's difficult mission
Fabian Maume
@weynspire I would advice you to fix yourself a deadline for your lunch. If you cannot get a hunter at least 2 weeks before your deadline, launch without hunter.
Fatoumata D.
@fabian_maume Actually I already launched my product yesterday and I thought it would be possible to ask a hunter even though I've already launched my product