Best Chrome Extension ever?

Mayank Mishra
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Share your best chrome extensions here and help folks check out the cool ones!


Mayank Mishra
I'll pick Grammarly for Chrome quite helpful, especially for emails.
Nishith from True Sparrow
Grammarly, 1Password, Streak CRM, Window Resizer
Kiran Kanakadandi (
xTab -- doesn't let you open the Nth tab; my N=7 -- prevents me from opening too many tabs systematically.
John Smith
Linkedin Hashtag, helped me a lot recently, however I do not think it is the best of all time, just the one I'm using the most right now.
Tim Treagus
Ubersuggest (SEO & keywords of a competitor's site), The marvellous suspender (free up ram), Loom (quick explainer to someone)
Carlo Thissen
For copy: - Grammarly (especially in combination with Hemingway) - For screen shares: - Loom - For process documentation: - Tango - For meeting recordings: - tl;dv (ofc biased here) -
Mike Ivars
I can share more than one, for me: - Refind: - DocSend: - Calendly: - Wappalyzer: - Checker Plus for Google Calendarâ„¢: It's probably not the best, but I made it because for me it was a must - Find on Crunchbase: .. and we are preparing just now the launch of a new extension for marketers, that I think many people will love, stay tuned! ;)
Jaskiran Kaur
Google Translation, Lightshot, Image reader: OCR, Grammarly and Keywords Everywhere
Ashit Vora
I'm a little biased but for me, it's - The Last Week. Every time I open a new browser tab, it reminds me of how many weeks I have left to do great things. It's inspired by te book - 4000 Weeks.
Svetlana Bulega
I am biased as it's our own, but R4P Customer Catcher is really cool😺 It really stands to the slogan 'You can't work 24/7. Your presentations can.' as it helps to save a great deal of time when working with presentations. You can set up a show and create a link to your presentation directly from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, LinkedIn.