When should I start preparing for the PH launch day?

Mayank Mishra
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I am a first-time founder and this will be our very first product launch on the Product Hunt. Any advice, suggestions, and tips on how to make it a successful launch will be very helpful. PS: I have referred to a few blogs and they say people prepare from months ago before they launch, is it true? What are the Do's and Don't's for a launch?


Ruben Wolff
I think by the time you know your launch date (more or less) you should start preparing, even though working on your product alone is already some kind of preparation. But things like getting contacts, building your audience and your reputation take quite some time so you might want to start working on it as soon as you can
Mayank Mishra
@rubenwolff Thanks Ruben, we're planning to launch in July. I have been engaging & contributing on the PH community since 3 months and it has helped me make some good friends and learn alot.
Ruben Wolff
@mishra_mayank I'm planning to launch this summer as well, probably in July, let us know how it goes for you!
Mayank Mishra
@rubenwolff sure will share it Ruben, whenever you launch, consider its as our launch too! just hit me up! :)
Tasbin Tasfia
https://userguiding.com/blog/how... I think this article is pretty helpful, though I found out after launching. 😅
Jitesh Lalwani
Reading your comments @rubenwolff @mishra_mayank I was also there a few days ago. We launched today :) https://bit.ly/2TlHgkf
Alice Rodgers
I think at least 5 weeks before your PH launch)