AWS $25k - searching for an accelerator

Maciej Cupial
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I'm looking for an accelerator to help a bootstrapped startup gain the next level of AWS for Startups - $25k. We already got $5k using Product Hunt Founders, but we want to move to the next level. Any ideas where I could go to? Thanks!


Muhammad Taimoor Hassan
Hi Maciej, you can apply for startupgrind startups membership or you can get access to perks on There are other offers in market too similar to joinsecret. You can use different accelerator coupons for getting credits from 5k to 100k. Regards,
Maciej Cupial
@mtaimoorhas hey, thank you! offers up to $5k Unfortunately, for startupgrind I can't anything about AWS.
Matthew Johnson
If you aren't on Pioneer 2.0, then you should be!