Subscriptions and predictable revenue, or a traditional business model?

Maciej Cupial
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What do you think? If you run a traditional business, have you considered implementing subscriptions for your customers?


Maciej Cupial
@maxwellcdavis that would be the best option :) I actually try to learn what stops people to start with a subscription model. What do you think?
@maciej_cupial We aren't going to start with a subscription model as we don't think the value proposition is there - instead a fremium model. Might be why others do the same.
Maciej Cupial
@maxwellcdavis good point. I have many customers of my SaaS product with a traditional business model like lawyers, psychologists, tutors, dieticians, personal trainers, and hairdressers. Some of them are happy with the subscription model. They offer their customers monthly subscriptions in exchange for access to their services. The customers often use their services, but instead of paying each time, they pay monthly—no idea how to show the potential values for my customers that don't see it.