Are you back in office?

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Folks who have started going to the office - what's the transition been like? What are some changes you'd be making to ensure that productivity remains intact?


Jan Mazurek
I am back in office since June 2020. It was such a relief to get everyday to a car and drive to work after 3 months of home office
@jan_mazurek That's great to here! I am yet to go back to office, just wondering how the transition would be like
Rashika Ahuja
Oh, Yes, and to be true, the feeling is great :D
Nazim @Koinju
No, not really :-)
Cynthia porter
Yes, I started in December 2020 and I have to say that sometimes I kind of miss the home-office life.
Lauren Proctor
It's actually really nice. I've noticed more people stay home but is it great to have the option. The offices where I work have been incredibly careful. Auto-dispensed sanitizer stations everywhere, gloves for when you open the fridge, disposable mats to set below your computer when you work, a (loosely followed) all-day mask rule, etc. They ran all their policies by someone at the CDC and then released a guide to explain everything to everyone. People are a little different (everyone seems to talk louder than they used to) but overall it's good. Hope your transition is smooth.
@laurenproctor32 That's great to hear, Lauren! Indeed, I hope my transition is as smooth as yours :D Take care!
Edward Park
No, and I don't even want to think about it. I think I'm a WFH type of person. Hybrid at most.