Resources on unconventional growth hacking strategies

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I am writing a blog post on growth hacking strategies, checked out a bunch of blogs on google from Neil Patel to Rohan Chaubey, and found some recurring examples - AirBnB, Netflix, Dropbox, etc. But I am looking for unconventional strategies. I scoured all of Reddit communities found some great tools too but if there's anything more you can suggest, it'd be great!


Brandon Gaille
I am being researching growth hacking strategies over the past year and these are the best finds so far. #1 Charlie & Aladdin's daily growth hack email 5 out of every 7 are new ones I have not heard before. #2 Growth List I came across this one on Product Hunt. It costs $9, but it is worth it. #3 Top 40 SaaS Growth Case Studies
Fabian Maume
GrowthList 2.0 has a nice listing. You can also check out ladder play book: