Influencers Taking Over?

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With so many new updates on social media platforms do you think the Influencer industry is getting saturated?


José Gonçalves
Maybe not saturated, but people really miss the "friendly" part of social media that was replaced by influencer culture imo
@josegpt I think there is were micro/nanoinfluencers play a role :)
Jan Mazurek
I think that one day, when something unpredicted will happen, one country government will require to show if social media account is for company, bot or real person. When it will happen, some not true view of social medias will vanish. For example you will be able to see that most comments are bot comments. As they say, future will show.
Tessa Kriesel
The influencer industry is just getting started. Imagine how well influencer engagement with work with developers, who trust no one except others like them? I think its actually going to change and be less about people with lots of followers and more about customers speaking loudly about the products they love.
Tessa Kriesel
@yeshaswini I think referrals and other people speaking positively about your product will be higher focuses for companies soon.
Tessa Kriesel
@yeshaswini or at least that’s why hope as I’m building a product to serve this use case and need. The rise has been happening and covid as intensified companies wanting to be more customer centric.
Begüm Bayram
BIG influencers acting as celebrities in magazine programmes at 90s. Not good fit for new generation
Mayank Gupta
Yeah it is getting saturated for sure. But then it boils down to competition, in this market of influencers there is a saturation for the need of influencers as well. So they are balancing each other.
@mayank_gupta11 That's for sure. I see companies still betting on stars because let's face it actors are still a safer bet